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Welcome to Independent Baking Co.

We are a simple bread and breakfast pastry bakery, offering hearth-baked rolls, loaves, and buttery viennoiserie, all made from scratch on premises and baked fresh daily. Our building is small, but we’ve provided a few seats for you to enjoy an espresso beverage with a pastry inside at one of our window bars or, in fine weather, outside the door on the heart-pine bench, watching Five Points life go by.

Our bread is available for purchase on Prince Avenue at Daily Groceries and at Dondero’s Kitchen on Milledge, and is served at numerous Athens restaurants, including SeaBear Oyster Bar, the National, The Pine, The Royal Peasant, Ted’s Most Best, and Dondero’s. Stop in today and pick up a loaf for dinner or half a dozen croissants for breakfast! We’d love to show you what happens when passion and commitment to quality and service come together.

The Fifth Essential Ingredient: Time

The best bread is the simplest, made with only four fundamental ingredients: quality flour milled from golden wheat, water, sea salt, and leavening. The leavening may be modern baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) or natural leavening (levain), a mixed culture of wild yeasts and bacteria carefully nurtured in the bakery.

If that’s all there is to it, what is it, then, that gives good bread its complexity of flavor and satisfying texture? Time is the not-so-secret fifth ingredient in delicious bread, time for the grain flavors to soften and time for the fermentation flavors and aromas to develop.

Each one of our bread varieties has undergone lengthy fermentation, whether their primary leavening is baker’s yeast or levain. A third of the flour in our classic baguette dough has spent at least twenty hours in a saltless dough, fermenting in a cool environment; the final dough rises another three to four hours before baking.

Our naturally leavened breads are risen exclusively with our levain starter which is carefully cultivated and nurtured around the clock, maturing for a full twenty-four hours before being incorporated into the dough. The dough then ripens for several hours before being shaped into loaves. These loaves further ripen, some overnight, before being baked.

The result of all this time? The flavors that you, and bread eaters everywhere for centuries, have come to savor. That at-once tender and chewy open crumb texture that characterizes our loaves? That, too, emerges with time.

You won’t find it on our ingredients legends, but time is at least as important as flour, salt, and water in the creation of good bread.

Community News & Events

Thursday Bake Sale

How we give back to our community We donate to charitable organizations through our monthly “Bake Sale Thursday” program. Each month we choose an organization or project from qualified applicants. The chosen recipient will receive 5% of our gross sales for that given...

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What’s new at the bakery this week?

What’s new at the bakery this week?

If you follow Independent Baking Co on Facebook, most of this won’t be new, but maybe a few more details here. We have a new neighbor, Athens Running Company, now in the former Yoforia (and Jittery Joe’s) building on the corner.  Mark and David had...

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A Behind The Scenes Look

Independent Baking Co.

Behind The Scenes At Independent Baking Co:

Ever wonder just how much goes into making a bakery run? In short, early mornings, hard work, and a lot of flour. And we mean A LOT of flour. Here at Independent, we use only the best ingredients. Mix that with fantastic people, and we create the best bread and viennoiserie Athens has to offer.

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Independent Baking Co:

1625 South Lumpkin Street, Athens, Georgia 30606
Telephone: 706.850.3550

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