Thursday Bake Sale

How we give back to our community

We donate to charitable organizations through our monthly “Bake Sale Thursday” program. Each month we choose an organization or project from qualified applicants. The chosen recipient will receive 5% of our gross sales for that given day.

We encourage the receiving organization to publicize the “bake sale” to their constituency through whatever channels they deem appropriate. We will post a “Bake Sale” announcement on our website and on Facebook for the week leading up to the event.

If you would like to be considered for a Thursday Bake Sale recipient, please send us a written document telling us about your organization and project and documentation of your not-for-profit status. Tell us why we should support your event, organization, or cause. We want to know who will benefit from our donation and if and how we will be recognized (yes, we want our generosity acknowledged; we’re not entirely altruistic).

We will show a strong preference toward organizations and projects that support sustainable land use, environmental issues, inclusiveness, civil rights, quality public education, and being nice.

The first Thursday Bake Sale will be held on the final Thursday of August.

In addition to the Thursday Bake Sale, we help feed needy people in the Athens area through daily donations of unsold bread.